Group Soap-making Course
Group Soap-making Course
Group Soap-making Course
Group Soap-making Course
Our theory room set up ready for a group soapmaking course
Student mixing soap
Four ladies who attended a group soapmaking course
A student pouring soap into a mould
three students
a student mixing their lye solution
Lots of lovely soap batches that were made on a course
A group of happy students
Our new Studio from the outside
A batch of soap with textured tops
a student measuring out ingredients
students measuring out essential oils

Group Soap-making Course


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Here at Soapology Studio, we love to teach newcomers to soap-making the art of cold processed soap.  Suitable for beginners, our soap making courses and soap making workshops are full of information and taught by award winning soap-maker, Emma Grosse.  Emma started her soap-making journey 13 years ago and has created her courses so that you can cut out the mistakes and get straight into making successful batches of luxurious natural cold process soap.


Using high quality natural oils, fats and butters, Emma will guide you through the process from start to finish ensuring a day filled with fun and facts about soap-making.  Answering your questions in detail and offering exclusive tips and tricks to help you on your way with your new hobby.  


Sign up for our natural soap making course and start creating your own handmade artisan soap immediately, you will have the confidence and the skills that you need after this one day introduction to cold process soap making with Soapology Studio.

Maximum 6 students per course.


Arrival Tea/Coffee & Cake



Morning Session :


Brief history and basic chemistry of soapmaking

Everything you'll need to get started - ingredients and equipment

Sodium Hydroxide and Safety  

Preparation of moulds and moulding options

Calculating the capacity of your chosen mould

Using additives in soap such as flowers, seeds, oats, oxides, herbs, spices and clays

Colouring your natural soaps

Adding nutrient oils for various skin conditions

Blending pure essential oils for fragrance and therapeutic properties

Mixing, pouring, cutting, curing and storing your finished soaps


Lunch :


Please bring your own lunch.


Afternoon Sesion :


A demonstration by Emma

A supervised afternoon of soap-making using a variety of oils, fats, butters andnutrient oils.  

Playing with colour, fragrance and experimenting with additives such as poppyseeds, oats and calendula petals

Basic design tutorials - you will learn how to swirl and layer your soaps



On arrival we will start with a tea or coffee while we have a chat about how the day will run and what we will achieve by the end of the course.

 We will be thorough with the theory aspect of the day and ensure that you understand everything you need to so that you can maximise the enjoyment of the practical session.  You will be itching to get started in the workshop and we are on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the day.  

We will then explore all of the raw ingredients that we will be using, we will look in detail at the different consistencies of the ingredients and discuss how this will affect the finished bars of soap.

Emma will give a demonstration of the practical step by step process that you will have learnt about in the morning, now you will begin to see all of the stages of soap making that were discussed earlier.

 Returning from lunch buzzing with ideas and inspiration, the afternoon session is dedicated to practical.  Making two batches of soap per person in the three hour session you will follow the Soapology recipe using natural ingredients but you have free reign to choose colours, essential oils and additives that you may like to use in your batches.

Whatever you have made is yours to take home on the day (if you have come by plane or train we can post your soaps out to you the next day if you prefer - postage charges apply if you are out of the UK)



Please be advised that you can defer to an alternative course if notice is given 14 days prior to the course you are booked onto.  If you give less notice than this but we are still able to fill your original place on the original course then we will allow you to defer.  If we are unable to fill your place then i'm afraid your booking will be cancelled and no refund given.

Thank you for your understanding