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Hello, i'm Emma, owner and founder of Soapology Ltd, a UK based successful soap business that I have been running since 2011. 

This is me in my happy place, doing a soap-making demonstration.

Emma of Soapology


Over the last few years, I have had so much fun teaching people how to make soap on our monthly group courses or in a one to one setting.  I have now decided that I want to enhance the learning of my past students and also help people who haven't yet managed to attend one of my courses by creating a Membership called THE SOAP ACADEMY.


The Soap Academy is the newest, most sud-sational Soap-making membership of its kind that is targeted at UK soap-makers.  No converting measurements or trying to decipher jargon, just simple but effective teaching from an industry expert with over a decade experience running her own soap business. 


 I want to enhance your soap-making journey and get you to where you want to be quicker and easier. I will cut out the clutter. I will keep it simple and relevant with fresh new content delivered regularly and some Question/Answer sessions to help you with any issues.
There will be different areas inside the membership that are tailored to certain levels so that you can progress through the information in your own time.
The Soap Academy will be a resource for all soap-makers from beginners, through the journey from Nervous Newbie to Soap-making Superstar. From that first daunting batch of soap, being terrified of potential life threatening injury from getting a speck of lye on your arm all the way through to confident soap-making wonderwoman (or man). No design too daunting, no ingredient too intimidating, no sap value left unturned.
The Soap Academy is THE best, straightforward speaking, jargon busting, knowledge bursting soap making membership of its kind that is specifically targeted at Soap-makers based in the UK.
Content includes :
  • Templates for batch notes, curing cards, supplier comparisons, costing calculations
  • How To videos / tutorials / step by step soap-making
  • The definitive guide to using natural colours in cold process soap
  • The definitive guide to using Milk in cold process soap
  • The definitive guide to using fruit and vegetables in cold process soap
  • The Temperature Transfer Method
  • Equipment Guidance, moulds, cutters and more
  • Essential Oils - properties, blending, tried and tested blends
  • Formulating - SAP values, Lye calculators, Fatty acid profiles, Lye discounts, Water Discounts, Lye Concentrations, Superfatting
  • Costing your formulas
  • Starting a business and all that entails, sales, marketing, legislation, insurance, inventory management, recipe formulation, packaging choices, USPs, branding, websites, ecommerce, events, social media, how to wear all the hats as a small business owner and sooooooo much more

  £27 per month