Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022!

We were absolutely delighted to open our emails to see the news last week that Two of our Solid Shampoo bars had been awarded the commended badge in the 2022 Beauty Shortlist Awards!  

Pink Lemonade and Sweet Dreams were entered and both achieved a commended badge which we were so happy about.  The exposure that these awards bring to small brands like ours is phenomenal and our brand awareness definitely benefits from us entering.

We don't always win or get shortlisted but when we do its such a lovely feeling to have some recognition for all of our hard work.

We added shampoo and conditioner bars into our range about 18 months ago and they are super popular products.  More and more of our customers are choosing to try to reduce their personal plastic consumption and switching to solid versions of products that are traditionally liquid is a wonderful way to do that.  These solid shampoo and conditioner bars are really economical when you compare them to their liquid counterparts, lasting as long as 2-3 bottles of shampoo/conditioner.  An added benefit to them is that they are leak proof when travelling and also take up less space in your bag so no worries about adding in that extra bikini when you are off on your holidays!  Winner! 

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 Commended



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